Over the past year Balloon Haus has had the pleasure of providing 'front door service' delivering our premium balloons to businesses, brands and birthdays plus many venues and special occasions in between. Our full balloon delivery service is currently offered in atlanta, south florida and toronto. In the new year we're looking forward to delivering balloons to your special occasion and still guaranteeing our hassle free balloon delivery!  

Balloon haus delivers on weekdays, weekends & some holidays.

Delivery fees may increase for delivery times during high traffic times & large orders with oversized balloons.

Delivery fees are based on distance from each balloon haus location.

We offer venue, office and residential deliveries

Product, inflation and delivery fees are separate costs

Requesting information about a balloon delivery or submitting a delivery date does not confirm a balloon delivery order. Your balloon delivery is confirmed with a full payment and an order confirmation.

Balloon Haus holds the right to take photos or videos of any  balloons or other products during an event or delivery.

In the event of inclement weather a Balloon Haus team member will be in touch to discuss your delivery options.


Online delivery quotes:

When your submit an inquiry online or call to place an order you will receive an online balloon delivery quote detailing the products, inflation and service fees for your request. No two orders are alike and your delivery quote is specific to your event needs.

This itemized quote will show individual products, individual inflation fees, individual pricing for additional accessories, delivery fee and any other special service fees. 

Once you receive this quote it is important to read the details carefully and ask any questions about your order. We will not accept a payment for your order until you have approved all details on your delivery quote confirming product size and quantities. 

Requesting  information about a balloon delivery or receiving a balloon delivery quote does not guarantee or confirm a balloon delivery order. All balloon delivery dates and times are confirmed with a full payment. Failure to pay for your delivery in a timely manner may result in an unavailable delivery date. 

All payments for balloon deliveries are made online  unless your balloon order is over $5,000 or within 2 business days of your delivery time. Payment links are sent via email as soon as possible. 

While most customers receive immediate or prompt responses due to the high demand for balloon delivery we kindly ask that you allow at least 72 hours for payment links or responses to your balloon inquiries. 

Last minute delivery orders/same day delivery

Balloon Haus is happy to work with you for a same day delivery or last minute delivery orders (within 3 business days). We are prepared to accommodate most orders with very little notice but stock may fluctuate based on the shipping/delivery demand for the week and some products may be unavailable. 

Please send your inquiry as soon as possible and let your designated bashes team member know that the order is urgent. 

In order to complete your balloon delivery order it is important to respond to questions and approve delivery quotes in a timely manner. Bashes office hours are monday-friday 10am-5pm. Last minute orders that process within 3 business days or require special ordered products will require an additional $60 processing fee in addition to delivery, product and inflation fees.

Same day balloon delivery is currently available in washington d.C. Only.  

 All balloon deliveries are first book, first deliver

Failing to secure your order with a payment may result in another customer booking the same date and time. Balloon Haus balloon deliveries are currently booked in advance through november 2019. If you do not finalize your balloon order and delivery time as soon as possible you may lose your preferred delivery date and time to another customer. 

 Balloon set up

Balloon set up is not included in your balloon delivery. 

Bashes balloon delivery service is a front door drop off service. 

Balloon set up service is available at additional charge. Prices may vary depending on number of hours needed to complete the set up, weather conditions and general labor included. 

Balloon haus delivers to hundreds of customers weekly and the schedule may not allow delivery drivers to assist with setting up your balloons. If you need assistance with setting up your balloons at the event location please discuss these options with your team member when booking your balloon delivery. 

Before your delivery!

The products for your balloon delivery are inflated between 2-6 hours prior to your delivery time in optimal temperatures to give your balloons the best float time for your event. 

Products are pulled from our stock room and sorted for your delivery 1 night before your delivery.

Add on accessories 

Balloon bags - protect your products during transport from bad weather conditions or separate your products for easy set up at your event venue. 

Ribbon for orders with 100+ balloons - additional fee added for extra long ribbon or orders with over 100 balloons. 1 ribbon fee per 100 pieces. 

Hi float - extend your balloon float time by 5-10 hours with this solution added before inflation.

Special weights/ extra weights - discuss this options with your team member

Balloon shine - finishing coat of spray on solution to remove any access latex dust and make your balloons shine bright.

Inflation fees 

Have your products helium filled for your delivery or order a custom balloon cluster with air filled balloons. 

Air filled - balloons will not float 

Helium filled - balloons float freely

Helium fees are separate charges per piece and pricing varys based on size of the balloon.


Paying for your delivery order

Last minute orders or special orders may require a paypal payment to secure your delivery time in addition to a $60 rush processing fee.  

New for 2019 balloon haus will introduce payment plans to allow low monthly payments for your balloon delivery order. Ask about bashes installment plans. Event must be more than 60 days out to use a payment plan. 

Balloon delivery payments are due on receipt. After your payment has processed your delivery order is confirmed and will be added to our delivery queue. All product sales, inflation fees and service fees are final and non-refundable. Please notify our team immediately with any changes to your delivery location, delivery time or day of event contact. 

 Damaged balloons

While ou balloons are premium quality some products are very delicate. Damages do happen and we prepare for them where we can but replacements are not available during deliveries. In the event that your balloon(s) are damaged during a delivery we will attempt to rearrange your order on site and provide a refund the following business week. 

Delivery Policies

 Balloon delivery service is a ‘front door drop off’ service. If your event is on a floor other than ground level please make note of that information in your initial delivery inquiry. 

Balloons for your order may or may not arrive with balloon weights. This depends on how the delivery vehicle is packed for the delivery schedule. If your balloons are not weighted to protect the products during delivery your balloon weights will arrive in a bag or box with your order and will need to be assembled onsite. If you need assembly this qualifies as a balloon set up and will need to be booked with a team member prior to your delivery.

We will not be responsible or refund for balloons handled and damaged by guests and or family members at the venue during the delivery or set up process. 

Balloon deliveries must be cancelled no later than 2 weeks in advance to receive a partial refund in balloon hausstore credit

Refunds are honored for balloons damaged during delivery by a bashes delivery crew member. If this damage happens our driver will make note, picture the damaged items and submit the information for approval. You will be notified and refunded for those items.

We will not refund inflation charges. Refunds for approved damaged products only

Our delivery drivers do not carry extra equipment or materials to help you secure your balloons at your event. If you need these supplies please let your team member assisting with your delivery know.

Please advise that all delivery times are preferred. While it is unlikely that unforeseen events will impact your delivery time traffic and other uncontrollable events may affect arrival time. Our delivery driver or office will communicate with you via contact number provided should this occur. Please advise that additional fee is required during peak delivery times and high traffic travel tiems. Peak delivery times include - monday thru friday 6:00am - 9:00am; 3:00pm - 7:00pm - saturday/sunday 1:00pm - 4:00pm 

 Delivery attempts

In the event that you book a  delivery and you or the intended recipient are not available for your specified delivery time your products will be secured and left at the location. We will make an attempt to notify you. A second delivery attempt will require a new balloon delivery booking. 

If you have booked a balloon delivery and have not arrived to the venue your balloons will be secured and left at the location. A 10 minute grace period is given for balloon set ups, if you have not arrived within 10 minutes you will lose your balloon set up and this fee is non-refundable. We try to assist customers as much as we can where we can but waiting for guests to arrive will interfere with other customers delivery times. 

During your booking process we confirm and reconfirm your delivery details. If any other changes in your delivery time or location have occurred please email your  team member immediately! Starting feb 2019 a fee will be required for incorrect delivery address. 

Delivery times are confirmed when you finalize your order online. If you are not present for your balloon delivery we will make 2 attempts to contact you via confirmed day of contact number. After 2 attempts your products will be left at the confirmed venue with or without a signature. These products are not eligible for a refund. If your event venue will not receive your products or allow your products to stay at the location without you present your products will be returned to our office and discarded at closing time.

Hotel deliveries 

We are happy to deliver to your hotel room before or after your arrival. Book a surprise delivery before you arrive and have your balloons waiting with the concierge/front desk upon arrival or have our team set up the balloons in your room. You will need to book your balloons first and let us know your exact needs. After your order and preferred delivery time are confirmed you will need to authorize balloon haus for a delivery or set up in your room by contacting your hotel front desk staff.

Restaurant deliveries 

Some local restaurants do not allow balloons on site without a private dining room. Set up is available for private events. Load in times may vary and set up may be required for some restaurant locations. 

Delivery location quick notes

Atlanta delivery

Delivery prices start at $55. No balloon order minimum 

Soth florida delivery

Delivery prices start at $60. $100 balloon order minimum

Toronto delivery 

Delivery prices start at $45. $100 balloon order minimum

Customers must meet delivery driver on ground floor for delivery unless balloon set up is confirmed.